Friday Fuel

Friday Fuel November 19, 2010

I got all the fuel I needed today when the two sprogs flew by me… one dressed in a Dementor costume and wearing an Indiana Jones hat, the other in the rest of the Indy costume carrying a giant Nerf bastard sword. What else could I need?

In case you need something more, here’s today’s Friday Fuel:

1. You wake up in your neighbor’s backyard and realize your pants are hanging out of their second floor window.

2. You walk outside to get your morning paper and realize your garden gnome’s outfit is different.

3.Write a scene in which your number one pet peeve is actually a criminal act.

4. Create an iPod playlist for your protagonist. Now create one for your main antagonist.

5. You’ve accidentally dialed the wrong phone number, but the person who answers sounds familiar. Immediately he/she recognizes you, but because made the call you’re too embarrassed to ask who it is. How does that conversation go?

Happy writing!


Tattooed writer with an attitude seeks like minded people who appreciate snark and ink. Or snarky ink.

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