Friday Fuel

Friday Fuel January 21, 2011

Here in da ‘Burgh we have 3-5 inches of fresh, new snow. It’s lovely in a frigid, bone-chilling, really bright kind of way. As long as we don’t repeat the Snowmageddon of last February, I’ll deal with it, but the low rider dogs aren’t terribly happy.

In the spirit of icy wonderlands, here’s this Friday’s Fuel:

1. After two long days of nothing but snowfall, you go outside to shovel your driveway and find a ziploc bag full of hair, fingernail clippings and thread hidden in the bushes next to your garage.

2. Your child self goes out to play in the snow and finds a tiny fairy huddling under the slide of your jungle gym.

3. You hear a snowblower and look outside to see a stranger clearing your driveway. When you rush outside to thank him, he’s gone.

4. You are woken in the middle of a snowy night when an out-of-control vehicle slides into your front yard.

5. The snowman in your front yard moves his cigar from the left corner of his mouth to the right.

Happy winter and happy writing!


Tattooed writer with an attitude seeks like minded people who appreciate snark and ink. Or snarky ink.

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