Friday Fuel

Friday Fuel February 12, 2011

On Saturday!

1. You go to your favorite grocery store and discover they’ve moved everything and all the signs are wrong.

2. After a particularly brutal winter, with lots of snow, the white stuff in your backyard begins to melt and reveals a manhole in the ground… where there was none before.

3. Your dog comes in the house (when you call him! Miracle!) and drops a finger at your feet.

4. The really hot neighbor you’ve been admiring from your porch all summer is sitting on that porch when you come home from work one night.

5. You’re sitting in your favorite restaurant, having dinner with a girlfriend when a man falls through the front window, soaked in blood. He gets up and runs.


Tattooed writer with an attitude seeks like minded people who appreciate snark and ink. Or snarky ink.

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