Friday Fuel

Friday Fuel August 19, 2011

It’s another lovely weather day here in da ‘Burgh, at least for now. I’m pretty sure I just heard thunder, but for the moment, the sun is shining and the whining of neighborhood weed whackers fills the air.

Here’s today’s fuel:

1. On this day in 1692, five people, one woman and four men, including a clergyman, are executed after being convicted of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts as part of the infamous Salem witch trials. Write a short story from the point of view of the spouse of the woman being executed.

2. If your birthday is today, you’re a Leo. Those born under the sign of the lion are reputed to have lots of charisma and intelligence. What sign is your protagonist?

3. Your protagonist answers a phone call from a number she doesn’t recognize. Someone on the line is clearly in distress, knows your protag’s name, and identifies himself as your protag’s brother. She doesn’t have a brother.

4. Write a passage from the point of view of a birdcage whose occupant recently died.

5. Your protagonist must have a phobia. Which one do you give him and why?

Have a great weekend!


Tattooed writer with an attitude seeks like minded people who appreciate snark and ink. Or snarky ink.

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