Seasons of writing: autumn

Uncategorized September 26, 2011

Autumn! I love autumn! It’s my favorite season. Summertime around here is always a time of serious extroversion, of sitting on the patio and greeting all the neighbors and walkers and generally affirming my place in our community. Block parties, pool time, just being outside around other human beings are the focus of summer. And I do love it, I love being reminded that I’m a part of something bigger and I love knowing that my community is cohesive, but by this time, I’m ready for the turn inward. The contraction and expansion of the seasons is something I love about my Wiccan beliefs. During this time of the year I’m ready to contract my focus, feel the chill of autumn, and bring myself back inside. I love the feeling of a fire in the hearth, of blankets and pillows and sleepy evenings. I’ll be ready for spring when it rolls around again, but for now, I’m ecstatic to see the leaves changing.

I find that writing comes easier to me during the contractive phase of the cycle. There’s something about the autumn and winter seasons that makes it easier for me to dive deep into my stories and characters, as if I’m permitted to lose myself in my work when I don’t have the rest of my neighborhood walking by outside. It’s also easier to get myself in the darker moods I need to write most of my work.

I wonder sometimes if I would find it easier to write happier subject matter or genres during the spring and summer months.

What season is best for your writing?


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