Friday Fuel: People watching and Brussels sprouts

Uncategorized December 2, 2011

I’ve been writing this week and I’ve had the privilege of reading a manuscript for review before it’s submitted for publication. I love what I do!

It’s Friday and time for another set of creative prompts.

1. Today is International Day for the Abolition of Slavery. According to information on the website of the United Nations, the focus of today is to eradicate modern forms of slavery, such as child labour, sexual exploitation and using children in armed conflict. Write a story featuring the liberation of someone in a form of slavery.

2. Free write using this as your first sentence: “He fumbled to open the box of matches.”

3. I love to people-watch. On this day in 1939, New York’s La Guardia airport opened. What better place to sit and watch people walk by? Write a story from the point of view of someone waiting for a delayed flight at La Guardia.

4. Your protagonist decides to get a tattoo. What is it and why was it chosen?

5. Thanksgiving was last week in the US. Things get interesting at my house when I try to serve new foods, particularly unfamiliar vegetables. Does your protagonist like Brussels sprouts? If not, what would he or she if presented with them by someone he or she does not want to offend?

Have a great, productive weekend!


Tattooed writer with an attitude seeks like minded people who appreciate snark and ink. Or snarky ink.

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