Friday Fuel: Umbrellas and fire extinguishers

Friday Fuel February 10, 2012

A reader inquired about my meeting with Dr. Wecht. It was wonderful! He talked about many interesting high-profile cases including the Kennedy assassinations, Anna Nicole Smith and her son Daniel, and JonBenet Ramsey. He’s a dynamic speaker, and it’s obvious when he’s on a subject he’s passionate about. I had a great time. I did not trip, nor make an idiot of myself, at least not in any obvious way.

I don’t think I did.

Here’s a bit of creative fodder for the upcoming weekend…

1.    On this day in 1863, the fire extinguisher was patented. Put your protagonist in a situation that they must use one.
2.    Today is also Umbrella Day. We used umbrellas to discuss superstitions, so now just consider what kind of umbrella your protagonist might carry. Is it the standard black one or something with flair? What would he do if he grabbed one on his way out for the day, thinking it was a plain umbrella, but after opening it realizes it’s covered with with cartoon pictures of dogs and cats? Does he just go with it or does he put it away and risk getting soaked?
3.    After you figure out what kind of umbrella he carries, put him in a position to need it but not have it. Does he keep moving through a downpour or does he find shelter and wait it out? If the rain is really bad (and I’ve seen some serious storms), is she the kind of driver to keep moving or pull over and wait for the worst to pass?
4.    Use the following words in an opening paragraph: disc, brother, earthquake and stigma.
5.    Write a poem about the view from the closest window.

Have a great weekend!


Tattooed writer with an attitude seeks like minded people who appreciate snark and ink. Or snarky ink.

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