Friday Fuel: Darwin and Dali’s ocelot

Friday Fuel May 11, 2012

What a crazy week! In fact, it’s been a crazy month so far, and we’re only eleven days in. By the end of May, I’ll either be cursing or crying.

I’m still working on the new piece, which I think will be a short story, plus getting a few completed pieces ready for submission. What are your writing plans for the rest of the month?

If you’re thinking about tackling something new, here are some prompts to get you started:

1. On May 11, 1820 the HMS Beagle, the ship that took Charles Darwin on his scientific voyage, launched. Write a scene or short story in which a ship begins a similar voyage… on another planet. What might they find?

2. Write a scene that includes a ghost, an elderly woman, and a box of chocolates.

3. Consider a story in which the protagonist is an antiques dealer. Why would he or she have to suddenly leave town?

4. On May 11, 1904, the artist Salvador Dali was born. He traveled with his pet ocelot, Babou. If your protagonist had an exotic pet, what would it be?

5. In honor of teacher appreciation week, I’d like to thank my English teachers, especially Mrs. Friedman and Mr. Gearhart, for instilling a love of the language and literature. I’d also like to thank Mr. Freeman, my creative writing teacher for encouraging my behavior. Who do you appreciate?


Tattooed writer with an attitude seeks like minded people who appreciate snark and ink. Or snarky ink.

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