Special announcement and cancer sucks

reading with a purpose, SHU WPF, writing life August 2, 2012

Hello intrepid readers! I’d like to ask you for another favor.

Seems like cancer has taken a prominent role in my world lately. I’ve decided without a doubt that I loathe and despise cancer. It’s a cruel disease, one that comes silently and takes too many people from me and my loved ones.

I hope you’ve purchased your copy of Scott A. Johnson’s Droplets. Every penny of the profits from Droplets goes directly to taking care of Tabby Johnson’s medical bills. This is so important. If I hadn’t been fortunate enough to work with Scott as my mentor in my graduate program, I wouldn’t be writing the way I am now. He made a difference for me. Help me make a difference for him and his family. If you haven’t made that purchase yet, please consider doing so. Follow this link to Scott’s blog and purchase from there.

Another friend, a fellow SHUer, is also undergoing cancer treatment. Donna Munro is a horror writer, an organizer of excellent writing retreats, and my friend. She’s also in for a tough fight with cancer. I’d like to ask for your help once again.

Seventy-six writers connected to the Seton Hill University Writing Popular Fiction program have created a multi-genre charity anthology entitled Hazard Yet Forward.  All proceeds from this project will benefit Donna Munro, a 2004 graduate of the program.  Munro, a teacher living in St. Louis, Missouri, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  An active member of the SHU WPF alumni committee, Munro helps organize the school’s annual writing conference, the In Your Write Mind Workshop.

To aid Munro and her family, faculty members, alumni, students and friends of the Writing Popular Fiction program quickly responded to compile this massive anthology.  The book features flash fiction, short stories and even a full-length novella.  In total, there are 75 works from various genres, which makes this anthology one that features something for everyone.

Genres represented in the book range from horror to romance to mystery – and everything in between.  Some of the notable writers in the anthology are World Fantasy Award winner Nalo Hopkinson, Bram Stoker winners Michael A. Arnzen and Michael Knost, Bram Stoker nominee Lawrence C. Connolly, ALA/YALSA Best Book for Young Adults winner Jessica Warman, Rita finalist Dana Marton, Spur winner Meg Mims, Asimov’s Readers’ Award winner Timons Esaias  and WV Arts and Humanities literary fellowships winner Geoffrey Cameron Fuller.

About Hazard Yet Forward, co-compiler Matt Duvall says, “It’s an unprecedented collection of stories from every genre imaginable.”  This large volume is an electronic book for the popular Kindle platform and is available for purchase through Amazon starting August 7.  It’s also reasonably priced.  The book will be on sale for $9.99.

I am a part of this anthology.  I wrote the story, “One Man’s Garbage,” about the unintended consequences of one man’s obsession with yard sales.  I took part in this anthology because I want to help Donna and also because I believe in the unspoken brotherhood of the writing community. We’re in this together.

More information about the anthology can be found at the Hazard Yet Forward blog.  To learn about the unique and exciting Writing Popular Fiction program, please visit the Seton Hill University website.

Join us to make a difference.


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