Guest author: Trinity Williams

Uncategorized March 12, 2018

Hey everyone! Long time, no blog, but I’ve got an excellent reason to be back.

I have a guest author today. Trinity Williams is a senior at Columbia County high school in Georgia. She’s working on her senior project with me– learning about the wild world of writing and publishing.

Today I’m giving her a platform for her fabulous short story, “Drip. Drip.”


Drip Drip

A Short Story by Trinity Williams


The events that took place on that cold October night were those of which no one spoke about for years. It all  with blind widow Amber, and her guide dog Mara. Amber had a routine of taking Mara on a walk every evening before going to bed. But that  night was different, something just wasn’t right.  When Amber returned from her stroll,the door had been opened easily, Assuming she had simply forgot to lock the doors she continued her routine in feeding Mara and turned the news on just to listen to some background noise as she prepared for her shower. “ANC News reporting live from Kennesaw Insane Asylum, there are two very armed and dangerous prisoners on the loose, please be on the look -” In that moment Amber decided she’d rather not listen to depressing news, and proceeded to get ready for bed.

The blindness had caused her to go into deep depression, being that she lost her sight in the same accident she lost her husband. Mara had been the only reminder of the perfect friend and companion her husband was, so the reassurance of her lick on Amber’s palm before dozing off every night cured it just as much as the antidepressant the psychiatrist prescribed.That night Mara’s tongue felt smoother than usual, but being that it was her routine, it hadn’t phased her.

“Drip” “Drip.” Awoken by the sound of what seemed like raindrops, Amber decided to start her morning early, and headed out, for a doctors appointment, since Mara could not be in the hospital. Amber noticed it was a warm sunny day, with not a drop of rain on her skin. Thinking it might have rained earlier that morning, she continued her errands and headed home.

As Amber approached her neighborhood the sounds of sirens had filled her ears to a numbing. She was unsure of where the sounds were coming from in particular, until she heard the policeman from outside the window. “Mrs. Lodge? Mrs. Lodge, have a seat we have so much to discuss.” The vibrations of the Officers boots on the steps of the bus was more than enough assurance that the police were there for her. Amber shook her head in agreement unable to fathom what could have possibly happened, everything she ever did flushed through her brain trying to gather all of her ideas of why there were so many people surrounding her house, and at that moment she knew something horrific happened. The officers that arrived on the scene that night would never be able to forget the chills that ran up their spine that evening .

“How long were you out, Mrs. Lodge?”

“Only a few minutes, fifteen at the most, can you cut to the chase officer?”

“Have you heard any unsettling noises in the past few hours?” the officer asked.

“Nope nothing out of the norm, what happened, Officer?”

“Well, Mrs. Lodge… There was a huge lockdown a couple miles down the road at the asylum. Two inmates escaped and have been hiding out in your attic for two days.”

“What? There is no way…” The look of sheer horror that swallowed her face could’ve scared children for miles. “Ma’am, are you ok?  We found your dog… she was hung in the bathroom investigators say she seemed to have been deceased for more than two days though. The mirror had something written on it in the dogs blood …”Would you happen to know what “Humans lick ,too” might have meant?”… To be continued..



Tattooed writer with an attitude seeks like minded people who appreciate snark and ink. Or snarky ink.

Comment 1

  1. Lynn Hopeman says on March 13, 2018

    Hi, Nikki,

    Great new post! I enjoyed reading Tiffany’s short story. I thought it was intriguing, with good presentation (I don’t know any technical terms), effective and concise descriptions; creepy but nice ending. I think I can see your influence in it. Please tell her ‘well done’.


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